Ridhi - Co-Founder
Riya - Co-Founder

Our Story

Ridhi is the mother of a 3 yr old, who went into a shift of mindset when she was loosing hair after her baby was delivered and realised that loving yourself is a tough journey and thats when she started using all the home remedies ever written online and realised her love for the process of making hair packs after which she did a formal course for formulation and here she is!

Riya is the mother to a 4 yr old boy, somebody who has always been keen on doing something of her own, she had her calling right when the idea of Maati first came across. From developing an understanding of how different everyone’s hair type can be, she has now come to terms that a haircare suited to your personal hair profile is the missing piece to your hair puzzle. She’s the one who you speak with on the phone about hair issues and a lot more sometimes. It’s always been about the joy of knowing new people and being privy to a part of their personal space all the way along!

Meet Our Team Mates

We have a fully professional team


She is the person responsible for the beautiful Maati Packaging! 


She is the Maati Oil formulator and believes that oil can heal anything!

Organic Products

We Deal With Various Quality Organic Products!