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We realised our traditions have always been very close, subtle, pure and simple, in a similar way the soil is to a plant! This is the very reason why we came up with the name “Maati”, as it joined with the nature of the brand and simplicity of it as well.

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Maati's Hair Care

What Our Clients Say About Our Products?

After a brief questionnaire fill up and a discussion with the maati experts, i chose to go with this product and I can say that my hair are getting the nutrition they required. thank you for stopping my hairfall ❤️

Gunjan Thakur

I purchased this oil after one of my friend suggested me and to be honest my hairfall issue and dandruff problem is solved after getting the consultation from experts. Thanks to the superb brand for delivery results.

Muskan Kalsi

Used it twice.. Really happy with the product.. Thanks team for guiding me..

Mini Nanda

I have been long associated with the maati brand and washed ghee has always been my favourite product to use over any cosmetics for the winters. my skin feels soft and glowy!! thank you so much

Ruchika Suri

Get products according to your Hair Profile

Customized Hair Profile

Know your Hairs

Fill up the Maati Questionnaire, a detailed set of questions related to your hair type, lifestyle, hair care routine, and your genetic history, which results in your custom hair profile!


Genetics too play an important role in your hair health. We are dedicated to your hair care but we cannot transform your genetics. All our products are plant and milk-based as much as possible.

Sit Back and Relax!

Based on your unique hair profile, we break down the ready-to-use products into stages, which are weekly delivered to your doorstep. All our products are freshly made, hours before your application!

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Kaveri Oil

Lemongrass Hydrosol

Godavari Oil

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Maati's Hair Oils

Build your Hair Profile:

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Italian Trulli