Apricot Kernel Oil


Maati cold pressed Apricot kernel oil is extracted from hand picked best quality apricots sourced from a small village in Himachal pradesh.

Being rich in fatty acids, Vitamin A and E and Linoleic acid,this oil helps in improving scalp health and overall hair texture.This is an extremely light oil making it much easier to penetrate without clogging pores.

Quantity:  100 ml

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For skin

  • Apricot kernel oil has proven beneficial for skin radiance and skin tone.
  • It also keeps the skin nourished.
  • It leaves the skin soft and satin-like.

For hair

  • It nourishes and makes the scalp softer.
  • It reduces the dryness of the scalp.
  • It keeps the hair and scalp well hydrated.
  • It leaves the hair soft, shiny, and conditioned.


For Hair

  1. Use this pure goodness on your hair for a pre wash head massage.
  2. Apply a pea sized amount on dry ends like a serum.
  3. Can be added to diy hair packs.                                

For skin

  1. Can be used as a facial oil
  2. Can be added to face packs
  3. Can be used to remove makeup
  4. Can be used for oil cleansing.
  5. Can be used for body massages or dryness on the body.
Weight 0.255 kg
Dimensions 15 × 4 × 2 cm


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