Castor Oil


Castor oil is a multi-purpose oil that has been used for generations. It’s made by extracting oil from the castor beans.It is a thick oil rich in omega 6, omega 9, fatty acids,oleic and linoleic acids. 

It has been an all granny’s favorite oil for the gamut of benefits that it can lend to your hair.

Quantity: 100 ml

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For hair

  • Castor oil is best to enrich your scalp.
  • It contains ricinoleic acid and omega-6 fatty acids which are essential for healthier and fuller hair, promotes hair growth, and give your hair natural shine. 
  • When massaged on the scalp, Cator oil helps to promote blood circulation which can help you with hair fall, and also a good champi can help you relieve stress.
  • It creates a healthier environment for your scalp.

For skin

  • It can smoothen your skin and induce softness.
  • Can help restore uneven skin tones.
  • The fatty acids in castor oil promote the generation of healthy skin tissue.


Since it’s a thick oil, you can mix it with any carrier oil to make it easier to wash out.

You can use this oil for a pre poo head massage or for oil cleansing on your face or body.

Traditionally people also apply it to lashes and brows to promote growth.

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