Macerated Oil: Marigold


Macerated Oil: Marigold is naturally extracted from Marigold flowers. It has multiple uses in day-to-day life like soothing Eczema, relieving diaper rash, and healing wounds. It works best for particularly dry skin types. 

Quantity: 100 ml

Macerated Marigold oil
+hemp seed oil
Macerated Marigold oil
This item: Macerated Oil: Marigold 650.00 650.00
1 × Maati Hemp Seed Oil 450.00
1 × Macerated Oil: Hibiscus 650.00


Benefits of Macerated Marigold oil

For skin

  • It keeps the skin safe from harmful UV rays
  • It maintains skin texture and helps treat acne
  • It is a good choice when it comes to treating diaper rash
  • It has great wound healing properties which makes it very helpful in conditions like psoriasis

For hair 

  • It is a good hydrating agent when it comes to dry scalp
  • It acts against dandruff and maintains natural scalp health
  • It directly acts on the hair follicles and thickens hair density
  • The antioxidants in Calendula keep the hair from cell damage
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