Effective Moisturizer Combo - Aloe Vera Gel + Rosehip Oil - Skincare

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Effective Moisturizer Combo - Aloe Vera Gel + Rosehip Oil - Skincare

Effective Moisturizer Combo - Aloe Vera Gel + Rosehip Oil - Skincare

Product description
Product description

Maati Rosehip oil is derived from cold pressing best quality rosehip fruit and seeds. Rosehip as an ingredient improves skin texture and reduces acne scars and pigmentation. This oil has no dilution and is 100% pure. It makes for the best facial oil that doesn’t make your skin excessively oily and provides a great host of benefits.

Maati's Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil travels deep inside the skin layers and keeps it hydrated, works on your skin barrier thus improving your overall skin appearance and texture.

*It helps in significantly reducing acne scars and pigmentation. 

*It keeps the skin moisturized and also has anti-aging abilities.

*It is also an exfoliating agent and thus, helps brighten the skin.

*It accentuates the collagen formation of your body.

How to Use Rosehip Oil:

- Use a few drops of Rosehip oil all over the face every night like a night repair serum to see significant improvement for dull skin, scars and pigmentation. 

- Mix a few drops of Rosehip oil with a spoonful of organic aloe vera gel, emulsify in your hand, this makes for a great moisturizer for skin that brightens the skin and gives a visible glow on regular usage. 

- It can be used as a primer before makeup, being light the oil gets easily absorbed in the skin without sitting on the surface and gives a subtle sheen to the makeup. 

- It can also be used for lightening lips, elbows or any other body part with pigmentation concerns. 

- It can be used for oil cleansing.

Maati's Aloe Vera Gel:

- This gel improves skin elasticity 

- It has great cooling effect on any kind of skin 

- Burns or inflammation. 

- It’s vitamins and minerals help control acne. 

- It is a great moisturiser for all skin types. 

- It helps lighten scars, blemishes and pigmentation.

How to Use Aloe Vera Gel:

- Simply apply a layer of aloe vera gel on washed skin at any time of the day. 

- Mix few drops of any facial oil in a spoonful of aloe vera gel, emulsify in your hands till it becomes slightly milky. 

- Apply this wonderful moisturiser on your skin every night for great skin benefits. 

- Mix a spoonful of aloe vera gel with any Organic herb powder to make a quick, easy and beneficial face pack.