Maati Hair Pack Subscription

Fresh, Organic , Customised Hair Spa at home

What is it?

This is a one of it’s kind fresh hairpack and hair rinse delivery service for our customers in Delhi/ncr.

We have all seen a multitude of DIY recipes over the internet but either we’re too lazy to make them or they don’t show results because they’re not personalised for your individual hair profile.

At Maati we make this beautiful concoction of all Organic, plant derived and natural ingredients, formulated as per your individual hair type. This hair pack is thus Magic in a jar for your hair issues. Consider it a hair smoothie, made fresh and delivered fresh to your doorstep once a week.

How does it work?

Step 1:

You fill in a detailed questionnaire, this helps us understand your hair profile and your major hair concerns. A certified formulator then recommends a personalised haircare regime for you. All details filled in your questionnaire, help us choose and decide which ingredients would be the best choice for your hair pack. xscB-Qcw/viewform

Step 2:

We choose from our wide variety of more than 250 ingredients. Your customised hair pack is then made fresh at our production unit alongwith a plant derived hair rinse.

Each hairpack contains 12-15 ingredients which are a mix of Organic plant, fruit or vegetable extract alongwith a selection of cold pressed oils, sun dried herb powders, humectants, hydrosols and all things nice for your hair.

Step 3:

Ding dong!

Voila, this wonderful hair smoothie and a plant derived hair rinse is then carefully hand delivered by a bike rider to your doorstep on your scheduled day of delivery.

You apply the hair pack all over your scalp and length, leave it for 30-40 minutes before shampoo.

After your shampoo and conditioner, you pour the hair rinse on top of your head, let it trickle down.

Leave it on for 2-3 minutes and then run normal water through your hair.

And you’re sorted.

Your personalised, all natural hair mask will now do it’s magic.

Subscription charges

This is a monthly service. It costs 4000₹ for Delhi and Noida 4500₹ for Gurgaon, Faridabad and Ghaziabad What you get?

● Four customised hair packs

● Four plant derived hair rinse

● Four times same day biker delivery charge included.

Additionally if you require a trained therapist to apply the pack for you, the service is available on paid basis.

Why is it better? How it benefits you?

So we’ve all gone to salons, paid a bomb for a spoonful of conditioner looking creams in the name of a hair spa and just after the wash comes the disappointment of not noticing any benefit. Contrary to that, each Maati hair pack has the goodness of many Organic herbs, cold pressed oils, plant extracts and humectants, things that actually work on your hair strengths, texture and overall hair profile. It’s a wonderful program that gives you a hair spa at home with no added alcohol, parabens or harmful chemicals, just the goodness of ingredients from our environment.